Thuja Plicata ‘green giant’

Thuja Plicata is an evergreen tree in the cedar family, also called arborvitae, “tree of life” in Latin, or more commonly Western Redcedar.

The “Green Giant” variety is a hybrid between T. Plicata and T. standishi.

Depending on conditions, they grow from 10 to 60 feet. They are used both as ornamental trees and to grow hedges. The wood is soft and resists rot.

They don’t take up much space, and due to fast growth, quickly block views of neighbors or other unsightly areas.

They tolerate drought, and grow in uniform shape and height. They make a nice alternative to hemlock and pine, and give a French Renaissance look to any yard.

Here at Two Run Creek Farms, we offer the Thuja Green Giant in the following sizes:

6’-8’ $170.00
9’-10’ $185.00
11’-12’ $200.00
13’ $220.00

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